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Trey Songz To Star In VH1 Dating Web Series - Black America Web Orlando, FL (June 7, 2017) – Talented singer and songwriter Solomon Jaye is hitting the World Wide Web with his soulful, catchy, orinal tunes now featured in the recently debuted national web seriesDating in Retrograde”. Feb 7, 2017. in his own VH1 reality dating show series 'Tremaine The Playboy' in a. Trey instead of dating show, it's here and it will air exclusively online.

The Dangers of Online Dating - TRAILER on Vimeo To fans’ delht, Jaye’s music from his much-praised debut album “Ordinary Man” can be heard throughout the entire series, which centers around two women trying to navate conventional dating in The B Apple. The series tells the story of two young women who are fed up with online dating and venture into the New York City streets to give conventional dating their all. Jul 9, 2013. With a one year No Sex Anniversary looming, PAULA 27 a sexual health nurse, decides to challenge her fears of STI's they don't them.

Webseries 'Next' - Home Smolls, a space nerd, and Kerry, a neurotic Type-A law student meet each other at a bar and bond over their breakups and frustrations with modern dating. Webseries 'Next'. 6.4K likes. 'Next' follows zany, date addict, Tobias Rob Lobosco on his trials, tribulations, perils of online dating and date phobic.

LisaRaye Is Looking For A Man On New Dating Webseries We’ve all had that moment where we’ve been dealing with someone, got caught up, and ended up too afraid to ask the infamous “what are we? (Or rather – lack thereof.) Created by Cylla Senii (who also serves as director and executive producer), it hhts 8 young people in New York City who find themselves “talking” to people, dating people, having relations with people, but ultimately having no title with their partners. Oct 30, 2016. The 50-year-old actress recently launched ManShopping, an online webseries chronicling her search for love. And if you know anything about.

Trey Songz To Star In VH1 <b>Dating</b> <b>Web</b> <b>Series</b> - Black America <b>Web</b>
The Dangers of <i>Online</i> <i>Dating</i> - TRAILER on Vimeo
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LisaRaye Is Looking For A Man On New <b>Dating</b> Webseries
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