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Owens-Illinois Glass Company Trademarks & Manufacturers

Owens-Illinois Glass Company Trademarks & Manufacturers Since its initial posting in early 2005, the Historic Bottle Website has become a very useful resource to the historical archaeology community. Oct 24, 2012. One of the most straht-forward and datable glass bottle mold codes I've. Dating an Owens-Illinois glass bottle is fairly straht-forward and.

<b>Bottle</b> Guide The Clorox Company

Bottle Guide The Clorox Company This makes its location on the SHA website in the new "Research Resources" section particularly appropriate. Bottle collecting has become an increasingly popular hobby among antique lovers in the United States. But bottle buff interest isn't confined to historical flasks.

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Daily Deals The website's public educational emphasis helps the SHA to meet one of its goals: "..promote scholarly research and the dissemination of knowledge concerning historical archaeology." The BLM benefits by forging a stronger connection to one of the leading professional organizations within the archaeological world. Juice Prices They Don't Want You To Have

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Zmail Sn Up What technology, ques, or processes were used to manufacture the bottle? Where did the bottle come from, i.e., where was it made and/or used? Where can I go for more information on historic bottles? This collection includes an antique 9 1/2 Purex bottle with some of the cork still intact, a 7 Antique Purex Antique 1930s amber glass Purex bleach jug or bottle.

Bleach <i>Bottles</i> - dger odell <i>bottle</i> price guides

Bleach Bottles - dger odell bottle price guides Since there were hundreds of thousands of uniquely different bottles produced in the United States (and Canada**) between the late 18th century and the 1950s (Fike 1987), it is beyond the scope or even possibility of this site (or website or book) to provide specific details about more than just a tiny fraction of a percent of that variety of bottles. Dger Odell Publications books about bottles, bottle dging and bottle collecting. The earliest companies were Clorox 1913, Javex 1919, Purex, 1923.

Historic <i>Bottle</i> Website - Homepage

Historic Bottle Website - Homepage Even then the bottles discussed in depth are so primarily to illustrate the presented information and concepts. BLM logo SHA logo Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website. Information Website! ing of Historic Bottles dating between 18.


Bottles This site instead attempts to help the user determine some key facts - approximate age & function - about any given utilitarian* bottle/jar based on observable physical characteristics. Search for Old Purex Bottle. Look Up Quick Answers Now!

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