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North American Soda & Beer Bottles - Date Your Glass Bottle His idea spread, and by the beginning of the 20th century, two lawyers named Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead had obtained exclusive bottling rhts from Candler. Dec 28, 2016. This dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes. Enter each of the following attributes of your bottle.

BOTTLE HISTORY - Angelfire Aside from the syrup bottles used to store Coca-Cola syrup at soda fountains (which themselves have become collectibles), the first bottles used to transport Coca-Cola were Hutchinson-stopper bottles. Coke Hutch bottles orinated the term "Soda Pop Bottle" due to the pop sound. honey to amber - this bottle was the best attempt to date for package uniformity.

Antique Coca-Cola Bottles - Collector Information Collectors Weekly Even though they were only about six inches tall, Hutchinson bottles were quite heavy and clunky. As impossible as it may seem today, Coca-Cola did not orinally intend to sell its products in bottles. In fact, Asa Candler, president of.

Coca-Cola Collectibles Bottles The Coca-Cola Company Unlike later, more familiar Coca-Cola bottles, Hutchinson bottles had straht sides without curves. Coca-Cola Company archivist Phil Mooney talks about how collecting bottles and. bottle from the tiny town of Buena Vista, Ga. dating back to 1912 or 1913.

Collecting Old Coca Cola Bottles - Antiques - LoveToKnow Each was embossed with “Coca-Cola”—either in block text or in script—and the name of the city where it was bottled. Includes early coca cola bottles, determining old bottles from antique bottles, faked old coca cola bottles, where to buy, and collecting nostalgia.

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